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Leather Earring Sizing

We get it. It's one thing to select your favorite color, texture or style. But it's even harder to figure out what size is best for you! The information and images provided below are meant to help you make a decision on what size is right for your style.
  • Small is perfect for our youngest customers and women who want a subtle yet sophisticated look. Small is often preferred by women with shorter hair, smaller features or those who aren't yet comfortable with a statement earring.
  • Medium is our most popular choice. Medium is large enough to pop with longer hair, yet doesn't overwhelm smaller features or those still getting comfortable with larger accessories. When in doubt, go with the medium and see how it feels.
  • Large/Extra Large is intended to make a statement, yet appropriate for both work and play. Go for it!

FLD Styles and Sizes

  • Circles - Circular earrings offer an edgy yet polished look. Available in three sizes - small (1.5"), medium (2") and large (2.5"). 
  • Feathers - Feather styles combine flirtation with sophistication. Available in four sizes - small (1"), medium (1.5"), large (2") and extra large (2.5"). 
  • Pendants - Pendant styles are unique and offer an elongated, sleek look.  Available in small (1.5"), medium (2") and large (2.5").
  • Rectangles - Rectangle styles add a simple yet edgy dimension to the traditional drop earring. Rectangles are thinner and 2" in length. Bars are thicker in width and 2.25" in length.
  • Studs - Studs are 11 mm in diameter and perfect for everyday wear.
  • Teardrops - Teardrop styles are bold yet classic. Teardrops are available in four sizes - small (1"), medium (1.5"), large (2") and extra large (2.5"). Elongated teardrops and tulips (upside down teardrops) are available in three sizes - small (1.5"), medium (2") and large (2.5").


Feather (from top left): small, medium, large and extra largeFeather Leather Designs_Feather Sizes


Pendant (from left): small, medium, large

Feather Leather Designs_Pendant Sizes