Leather Earring Care & FAQs

How long until my order arrives?

With the exception of custom orders and wooden earring displays, orders are ready to ship or pick-up within 2-3 business days, if not earlier. USPS shipping times vary, but average 1-2 business days. Custom orders typically take two to three weeks to fulfill and wooden earring displays can take up to 5-7 business days depending on inventory.


How do I store my FLDs?
We suggest that you store your earrings flat on the placard sent with each set or hang them. We also offer a wall mount and free-standing displays which are the perfect way to preserve your FLDs! 


What do I do if leather curls or bends?

If your FLDs curl or bend, you can massage them with your fingers or place them under a book or something heavy yet gentle. You can also cover the backside of the leather with a thin cloth and iron on a warm setting.


How do I clean my leather earrings?

You can wipe clean with a soft microfiber cloth or wipe gently with a Magic Eraser. The best way to ensure your earrings stay clean is to avoid contact with water, cosmetics, hair spray, lotion, etc. Your FLDs should be the last thing you put on!


Should I wear my earring backs?

Absolutely, yes! Our earrings are so lightweight, it's easy for them to be pushed right out of your lobe by a bulky sweater, scarf or jacket. Maybe even a strong wind?! Seriously, please wear your earring backs at all times as FLD is not responsible for lost earrings.


What size should I order?

When in doubt, we suggest starting with the medium, which is typically 1.5" and our most popular. That said, our small and large sizes are well loved too! It really comes down to personal preference. Be sure to check out our size chart, which includes size comparison photos.


I would like to request a donation for an event! What do I do?

We are happy to consider requests for donated merchandise from FLD customers in support of a 501c3 organization or community event. We typically focus our efforts on organizations that support youth, health and wellness, and cancer awareness and research. Please email us with your donation request and a copy of the letter of request and/or event flyer to info@featherleatherdesigns.com. Please allow at least two weeks for processing. 


I have an idea! Can FLD make a custom request?

If you have an idea for us, please drop us a line at designs@featherleatherdesigns.com. We are happy to see what we can do to bring your idea to life. But please keep in mind that FLD does not create custom earrings on an individual basis. We will happy work on custom bulk orders of five or more identical sets.


Are all FLD earrings made of leather?

All of our earrings are made of high-quality leather or cork carefully sourced from USA suppliers. In an effort to offer some fun, flexible and affordable custom earrings, those creations are made with combination of genuine and faux leather.


What are FLD's earring hooks made of?

Our earring hooks and studs are all surgical-grade steel and free of nickel, lead and cadmium. Several customers with very sensitive ears have responded very well to our earrings! If you have any sensitivities, please let us know, and we are happy to explore options that work best for you.


Can I return or exchange my earrings?

Unworn earrings in their original packaging can be returned within 14 days of receipt. Once we receive your return, we will refund your payment minus shipping. The cost to ship unwanted merchandise, or items to be exchanged, will be absorbed by the customer; FLD will cover the cost of shipping exchanged earrings back to the customer.


Oh no! My earring is broke/lost. What do I do?

Please contact us at info@featherleatherdesigns.com. Be sure to include as much information as possible, including a photo, to determine if your earring is fixable, if we can send you a replacement earring, or if you are eligible for a free pair of equal or lesser value.