FIVE YEARS...what a ride it's been!

FLD family,

It is with both a grateful yet heavy heart that we share some updates regarding the future of Feather Leather Designs.

FIVE YEARS AGO today, my mom, sister and I launched FLD at a time when the three of us needed it and each other more than we probably realized. Yes, it gave us the opportunity to create and share an accessory we loved with others, but it also gave us time together and a distraction from the reality of losing a father and husband. We started by making the product by hand, at my dining room table.

Over the years, our brand, equipment, craft and space continued to evolve and strengthen. We have so much to be proud of:

✨We created a customer base that spans 33 states and two countries.
✨We have filled nearly 10,000 orders.
✨We attended or hosted around 100 events.
✨And, perhaps most important to us, we contributed more than $5,000 to local nonprofits, including one that is near and dear to our hearts, The Gathering Place.

Our hopes for FLD were high, but the reality is that our work is time intensive, and our success is heavily reliant on in-person events. This certainly doesn’t work well with demanding lifestyles and a global pandemic that altered the way we operated! Two years ago, Kelly took on her dream job of being a full-time teacher again and, earlier this year, she stepped away from the day-to-day involvement of FLD. Meanwhile, I left the corporate world in 2019 to focus on FLD and family and to start my own consulting business, which has grown significantly. It has simply become too difficult to give FLD the time and attention it deserves and requires.

Below is what you can expect over the next several months. Our aim is to continue to sell inventory while reducing as much overhead as we can.

✨Please continue to support us throughout this holiday season and into the New Year. Use code FIVEYEARS to receive 20% off online orders.
✨We will continue to sell products via our website through December 31, 2023. We will also be at Strawberry Moon Boutique in Twinsburg on Saturday, December 2, so come see us!
✨All FLD gift cards or FLD VIP points must be redeemed by the end of 2023.
✨We will sell products at a highly discounted rate via our social media platforms and at local vendor events in 2024, while supplies last.
✨We plan to maintain our amazing RE:PURPOSE partnerships with Remnants and Fount, upcycling scrap leather into beautiful accessories.
✨Matthew of Made With Heart will continue to sell bookmarks, gift tags and picture frames on FLD’s social pages, with plans to launch his own in 2024.

To everyone who has purchased from us, shared the FLD love with someone else, given us a compliment or review, attended an event, hosted an in-house party, commented on or liked a post, served as a model, or simply been a friend of FLD – THANK YOU! You made this little dream a reality. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We will miss you the most.

To our mom, Carol. Thank you for being the reason we took this crazy leap of faith together. It wasn’t always perfect, but it was ours. And it was special. We appreciate you meeting us where we are today and being patient with us as we navigate raising children, balancing careers, and making time for family, friends and ourselves.

We look forward to refocusing on what means the most to all three of us - family and each other.

Mary Beth